The l’esprit de l’escalier.

These are stolen pieces of you
But nothing at the same time.
 know you’re afraid;
of all the thing unsaid.
If love only makes people more lonely
Why does everyone want it so much?

There is a space between
where  I am;
And the space where
I wanted to be

 I tried
to fill the corners of your soul with my heart,
tried to wrap myself around you like a bandage
but you cannot fill yourself up with other people.


I loved you in the morning.

I love you when                                   you need to lie
You smile                                              when you see,
I loved you all the while                   each and every day

 A tear upon                                           your face, your hands
A heart                                                   to make it right
Lies that cannot start                        when you cry

Each blink                                             a beat
a tear                                                         it breaks,
each blink                                                  a breathe,

it tore                                                                 it broke
a world broken apart

 I loved you                                              I love you in the afternoon
In the morning                                      despite the blinding
A single simple                                      in my
Look                                                                     head. 


– r. m